The aim is to reach the seekers of the World.
Read below to see how you can be part of it.

Global Online Team

Global online team has been supporting the promotions of the 21 Days Programs across the world since 2021 & have an extensive network of established social media platforms & devoted Yogis.

Below are some statistics for the promotions Australian 21 Days Meditation Program 2023 by the Global Online Team:

Australian States & National Promotions

Australia has a vast number of advertising platforms & amazing Yogis who want to spread Mother's Love.
We need help from our Australian collective in promoting this event as far wide as possible.

Below are some promotional ideas for Australian Yogis:

Online Promotions

Word of Mouth 

Physical Promotions

Online 21 Days Meditation Program, is a great way to nurture after giving Self Realisation to the seekers

Be Creative

Promotional Material for the Program can be found below.

Promotional Material for the Program

Please free to download the below posters and share as your heart desires

Seeker Promotions on the Australian Platform

The document below contains all the messages sent to the seekers group one-two months prior to the program start.

Welcome Messages on Whatsapp for Seekers - Quotes, Fact of the Day etc

Sample Promotions on Meetup